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I have just been informed that Ernst & Young are acting for

Customer Question

I have just been informed that Ernst & Young are acting for creditors in the A1 Scheme Ltd. This card was taken out by my x partner sometime in 2009 . In 2009 I discovered fraud and money laundering by my x partner. I reported the matter to the police and all of the banks and credit card companies I discovered at that time.
I settled the case out of court with my x partner, who was and is a solicitor, on barristers advice , as it would take all the money left in the bank to trace what had been stolen.
However I informed the bank Nat West that they had a duty of care to me and had not carried this out by allowing large transfers to my x partners sole account. They also closed down a joint current account when I refused a request from the bank to close it. Nat West offered me £100 compensation at that time for unfair treatment. They did not advise me at that time that I had a card issued by them that I could claim on if I thought there had been fraudulent use of credit cards in my name !
I have only just been made aware of this fraud protection insurance I had in 2009.
I have suffered from very bad depression since 2009 , which affects my mental, emotional and physical ability on a day to day basis, despite having tried twice to run my own business since then. I do not feel I have been able to make any rational decisions since discovering the fraud and consequent treatment by the bank in 2009 and beyond.
Can I sue Nat West Bank and claim compensation for the fraudulent use of credit cards and accounts and their lack of informing me, that I had an opportunity to claim through the A1 scheme currently running a compensation scheme for card holders since 2003 ?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 2 years ago.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
How much was paid please?