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We have recently had a client visit our shop who after

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Hi, we have recently had a client visit our shop who after leaving has been writing reviews on the internet and social media saying that we made her breast feed her child on the street and that we have discriminated against her (she never even brought a baby to the shop). Her and her friends are writing very nasty and untrue comments all over our social media page, as well as making various threats against us. We have also been being contacted by local newspapers and we are now being trolled on Facebook by her friends. Her allegations are completely untrue. We have never even seen her child so this could all be a complete lie. It seems she is out to get us and is victimising us. Do the comments fall under deformation and malicious falsehood? Also, is this harassment? We do want to take legal action if this does not stop. Please help!

Thank you for your question.
You are quite right. Where she is telling lies, this is defamation and is actionable by seeking damages in the court as well as an order to stop her making such comments. Any person who repeats the comments is also liable to such action.
In the first instance a letter before action is needed, typically called a cease and desist letter. It should be written by your solicitor and should clearly outline the behaviour that you seek should cease and what action will be taken if it does not.
As regards ***** ***** can ask Facebook to remove "troll" type comments and you can also issue replies to these people warning them that their behaviour is being treated as actionable by you.
Happy to discuss further.
I hope this helps.
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