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I am a plumber and own my own company. Last year I worked for

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I am a plumber and own my own company. Last year I worked for a customer who was claiming on her insurance for the work. She asked me if I new anyone who could dig a large trench for new pipes, I did and asked the chap who also works for himself if he could do the job. He did the work and gave me his bill as I was taking mine to the customer. this is over 18 months ago. I was paid part of the bill I am still owed just under £500. He has not been paid £2,100. At the end of last year I started work for this chaps mum in law She hasn't paid me the full amount taking the £2,100 of my bill as her son in law wasn't paid. can she do this?
Hello, I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to help you with this.
You are owed over £500 for work completed? But the trench digger is owed £2100 (his whole bill?)
You have now done work for her son in law show has not paid a bill of £1600, making s total of £2100 out of pocket.
You have 2 separate legal disputes here and if the lady made the arrangement with your friend for him to work and he rendered separate bills to you then he has his own separate dispute with her.
I assume your arrangement was with the 2 individuals concerned and they were to pay you and you were not being paid by the insurance company.
You should visit this site for details of how to make a claim for money against these 2 people.
In the meantime send a letter to them setting out this:
-what work you agreed to do,
-what the cost was agreed to be
-when you carried out the work,
-when you rendered the bill,
-that they have failed to pay/paid only part of what was owed,
-that they have a set period of time to pay in full (14-28 dasy is normal)
- that if they don't pay yo will commence prceedign aguinst htem in the small claims court.
You and your friend might be able to bring a joint claim and could send a variation on the above letter setting out both your claim if they arise from work carried out at the same time and especially if the work was interrelated in some way. However bringing a claim alone may well be better.
If they don't pay up then sue them in the small claims court.
I hope this helps please let me know if I can help further.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for the information. The chap who dug the trench its his mother in law who has not paid us £2,100 and paid him the money out of what she owes us due to the insurance lady not paying him that makes us £ 2,600 out of what she has done legal?

No not if you have done a workman like job. It is not a crime though and if you want your money you will need to take the steps set out above.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

This means Lance the chap who dug the trench is not out of pocket due to his mother in law paying him my money. what happens if the lady who has been paid by her insurance company for the work doesn't pay me my £500 and now I have to try to get her to pay me the other invoice for £2,100 not invoiced to her by me? but in another name .What will happen if she wasn't happy with his work and that's why she hasn't paid ?