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I was married in 1962, divorced in 1980, there were 3 children

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I was married in 1962, divorced in 1980, there were 3 children then aged 10 a girl and two boys aged about 12 and 13 I was given care custody and control of all three. I began a relationship with another woman in about 1982, we lived together with a short break until the present day and were married in about 1998, we both worked full time and both accumulated works pensions, I am 13 years older and also in receipt of my old age pension, my wife will not receive her old age pension for another six years but receives a works pension and also works 2 days per week.
I get about 2400 pounds per month in total clear this includes an enhanced pension payment of about 700 pounds per month for a knee injury, my wife earns about 700 pounds per month and receives about 700 pounds per month in earnings clear. In the event of us divorcing can you tell me what is likely to be my pension position?
Thank you for your question.
My name is Clare
I will do my best to help you but I need some further information first.
What is the capital position and what is the difference in the values of the pension funds.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


Thank you for your response.

The house is in my name and was bought by me.Maybe £150.000.

My savings in case of house repairs etc about £6000.

My wife spends as she gets but has about£2000.

We both have not worth a great deal cars.

The house contains the normal furnishings nothing special.

I hope this is the information you require.


Just to check - you do understand that your wife has a financial claim on the house?
What is the current value of the private pension funds you each have?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for your response .

Yes I was aware of the house situation.

Both pensions are National Health Service final salary pensions there is of course no pot as such.

I made an error in describing the value of my wife's pension.,

Her pension is about £700 per month clear and she earns about £700 per month clear by working 2 days per week.

I hope this is clear to you.

Many thanks Graham.

On what basis do you receive an enhanced pension because of the injury?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


My knee joint was injured in the course of my employment and required a quite large operation to allow the joint to be usable although I generally still use a knee support. As an alternative to receiving any damages I was awarded my enhanced pension on retiring.

I hope this helps.


Whilst there is no pot as such the two pensions (yours and hers) will have a value and it is likely that a Pension sharing order will be made to achieve a balance - however it is likely that the enhanced part of your pension will be protected so there will be some carful calculating to be done.
This can only be the roughest of guideline sin view of the limited information!
Please ask if you need further details
Clare and other Law Specialists are ready to help you