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Ash, Solicitor
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I have been dealing with a private firm of fraud investigators,

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I have been dealing with a private firm of fraud investigators, operating from Israel but with a registration number with Companies House, who have been applying their knowledge to help get back funds I have lost in trading with Binary Option companies. Many of these companies are known to act fraudulently and manipulate clients’ accounts for the gain of the company and its account managers. The investigators have been quite successful in getting a good chunk of my funds restored to me through chargeback – admittedly for a hefty fee - but which I would have not have achieved without their knowledge gained from previous experience of the binary industry. I originally signed the agreement with them for a percentage to be paid in advance of their work and remaining fees on successful completion.
As my daughter was concerned that I might, once again, become a victim to possible fraud, she asked Action Fraud for information about the investigating company, and I am told by them and CID that the company is now on their radar and considered to be fraudulent. I have no knowledge of whatever evidence they might have for this as they are purely offering and fulfilling a service. I addressed this issue with the company who have resultingly taken action to clear their name with the authorities here and have now returned home to continue their business in Israel. They assure me they have satisfied any doubts with the authorities and also been in contact with the Israeli government in justifying their operation of the company. They still have my advance deposit for their work to start on a very large boiler room fraud through which I lost a great deal of money here in UK and as I feel they have given me good service upto now, I am anxious not to lose my deposit and to continue with them for the next stage.
My question is that if the Fraud departments and CID here do still have them under suspicion, would my continuing to use their service be seen as collusion to pervert or impede the course of justice in some way? I have already cooperated with the police questions when they first assured me the company was under suspicion, although I had absolutely no reason to suspect so from their dealings with me personally and was unprepared to speak against them having no reason to. Also were I to cancel my arrangement with them to work on this next stage of my case, could they sue me for breach of contract? I imagine I would have no claim to get my advance deposit fee back in this eventuality either?
Hello my name is ***** ***** u will help you.
Do they have any assets in the UK do you know?
Ash and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I believe not, yet, but were hoping to open their business over here in coming months

I see a note from you 'nothng legal yet!' Is that referring to whether I would be breaking police law to continue working with them?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

They came over here 10 days ago to meet me and other clients so future work is to 'known' people - hence my direct involvement with the police as my daughter reported their visit. I see you are on EST - does this mean that you may not be totally familiar with UK law regarding this case? Also - apologies - but I have to be out for half an hour with my dog!.

I am a UK lawyer but this is a USA site. Do you have a number we can chat on?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

O1962870746 Thank you - I look forward to talking to you - apologise if you have already tried. The line has been busy today.

Sure. I will call shortly.