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Our story started 9 months ago. In September an ikea

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Hello, Our story started 9 months ago. In September an ikea designer,payed by us, came home to take mesurement of our kitchen. He took wrong mesurement. He was payed just for that and for planning our new kitchen. Are we entitled to request a compensation for this mistake? How do they quantify the amount of money to pay? Do they have an insurance that cover the damages and problems caused by the lack of competence of their staff? As consequence of that mistake we have faced a lot of distress and spend a lot of money. We did not informed them straight away because we needed a quick solution. Our installers have to complete the job on the day planned. We had to knock down a wall to fix all the units. Water pipes and electrical cables were running inside it. We afforded those expenses not planned. We asked £500 as compensation. Ikea blamed us because we did not give them the opportunity to solve the problem, not informing them.  We really believe that they would not be able to solve the problem on that day, So we fid not call them. As prove of what we were thinking was right, after 6 months our requests were still on processed. After our complain and request of compensation placed in December, their customer services ignored us. At the end of March we phoned ikea store in Coventry and the Sale Trainer made us an offer of £100l, after a week from our phon conversation. We refused it and requested to see a senior staff. On our meeting into ikea store with the Kitchen  Manager and the Customer Service advisor we have been told someone would have call us with a final decision within a week time. the delay was due to the fact that  the Manager was having an operstion that week. No reply since yesterday. We have e mailed the Manager in the last few weeks, but no answer. We have left a message for him to contact us, but no answer. So 2 weeks ago we reported our issues to the Citizen Advice Bureau. He answered only yesterday. Today we have received an e mail where they stated we modified the original plan made by their designer on our last visit in the store. They invented conversation we never had with him. It is like we wanted include on his plan units that could not be fixed in the kitchen space. This never happend!! They now are stating they are not responsible for a mistake he never done, but they are offering us a refund for his service. The sound is like an admission of guilty to us. They simply are covering their back making us appearing as the ones who made the mistake. Why should we pay a designer if then we do not trust him? We hope all the informations we have given are clear. Thank you.

Thank you for your question and welcome.
My name is ***** ***** I will assist you.
Under the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 there is an implied term that all services are supplied with reasonable care and skill under S.13.
Breach of this implied term by providing the service negligently is treated as a contractual breach. You are therefore entitled to claim all damages that are naturally occurring consequence of the breach and are reasonably foreseeable.
You are therefore entitled to claim your losses arising from the breach save that you must try and mitigate these losses where possible.
I would write to Ikea and say the following:
- You have suffered loss because of their negligence;
- Say that they are in breach of their statutory obligation to provide the service with care and skill;
- Say that if they do not refund you for all your losses you reserve the write to:
(i) Complain to Trading Standards
(ii) Seek to recover your losses in the county court
If they do not respond with a satisfactory offer within 7 days, then I would take one of these courses of action.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards
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