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My Mum died almost 3 years ago and thankfully her house has

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My Mum died almost 3 years ago and thankfully her house has finally been sold. At one point we thought our nephew was going to buy it and we allowed him to move in. There was quite a lot of work to do in the house and he made a start on things. My sister and I paid the council tax ( we are mums executors) on the house plus odd times we put money in the gas and electric meters. After a while our nephew realised he couldn't get the house and it was decided my sister and her boyfriend would go in for it. Things have finally now happened and my sisters boyfriend is buying the house (my sister was refused a mortgage because she had no credit!). My sisters boyfriend has got the mortgage for the house value price, which was only £5,000 more than we all agreed to sell for to any family members. The house was valued before work for upto £10,000 more so it has dropped in value a bit. Now the house sale is going through our nephew has said he's owed around £7,300 for everything he did and he has receipts for everything. We told him that anything over the extra £5,000 got on the mortgage would have to come out of the estate once it was settled. Is this correct please as he doesn't think that's right, because then it's going to come partly from his share of the estate? As the estate is to be shared by 9 of us anyway it's not going to be much from everyone anyway but he said he won't be happy doing that. We are a bit confused as to exactly what should come out of mums estate before we pass on any inheritence to anyone involved in mums will. Thank you for your help.
Thank you for your question.
Any pre sale improvements to the house are paid for as a debt on the estate so you are correct. There is no other logical way to deal with this.
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