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A few months ago my band agreed with a major music studio

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A few months ago my band agreed with a major music studio in London to record 4 tracks for a fixed price fee. This was documented via email and we considered it to be a good deal. Once we begun working with the studio, they changed the rules of the agreenment and said that we were only entitled to 40 hours of recording time. We were already half way through the process and could not go back. They mistakingly remixed one of the songs and asked us to pay for more time. Which we did. Prior to delivering all the work we paid for they erased by negligence one of the songs leading to the loss of our property prior to delivering it and want to give us a compensation that does not correspond to our losses. They also tried to fool us by sending us wrong song parts which we forwarded to the new studio only to find those parts were wrong and incurring in further charges. We want to take them to the small claims court and ask for 1/4 of the fee given they did not deliver the 4 tracks as they promised and we also want to claim for all collateral damage that came from their negligence such as:
-fees from the new studio for analysis on wrong parts they sent us.
-transportation we had to pay for our instruments and now must pay again
-days of work we had to take in order to record those parts
-damage to our reputation.
We have already tried several times to amicably solve this issue. They accepted their guilt but refuse to compensate us. Is the small claims court the most adequate place to claim? Should we defend ourselves or should we look for a solicitor?
Also we want to know if we are allowed to publicly broadcast our story with this studio (e.g. Twit the studio in question, Google Reviews, Facebook, etc...) and go to court at the same time. We want to share our story so that others don't suffer the same unfortunate fate.
Thank you for your question.
I am a UK solicitor with an interest in music industry matters.
Firstly note that you are not defending yourself here. You are pursuing the studio for breach of their contractual obligations. They changed the amount of studio time after having agreed to record four tracks for a fixed fee. They didn't do what they were asked to do and they negligently and in breach of the contract erased your work
You are very much entitled to compensation. You are entitled to be placed in the same position you would have been in but for the breach of contract so you have to quantify your loss in terms of additional studio time required to finish your project and any inconvenience, loss of work, arising from the delay.
In England a claim for under £10000 can be made in the small claim court and you can file via the website.
I hope this helps.
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Further to my answer above.
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