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I picked up new Audi A3 on 1st March and the next day it

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Hi, I picked up new Audi A3 on 1st March and the next day it developed a steering fault. After much coming and going and several visits to the service department , the complete steering rack was replaced even though no actual cause of the fault was identified. This repair appeared to work. However 2 weeks ago my car broke down and I had to be taken to the dealership on a transporter lorry. Eventually a faulty fuel injector was identified and replaced but I feel that I have bought a car that falls below the quality standard I should expect and have lost faith in the vehicle completely.
I have asked my local dealership to replace the car and to begin with they were broadly sympathetic to my request. However they now inform me that if I want a replacement it will cost me £2500. Can this be right?? If I took a T-shirt back to M&S because the stitching was coming apart, I wouldn't expect to pay a premium because the T shirt I am returning has depreciated in value! Can anyone please advise me what to do about this?
Many thanks,
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Have they explained on what basis they ant £2,500? What is that to cover?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
They have sent me a complicated breakdown of how the figure has been arrived at. It has been upgraded to £2700 now.
I don't understand it fully but It appears to have something to do with the depreciation of my car since March until October(expected delivery date of a replacement vehicle)..
I can forward the email to you if you like.
Good evening
It's right to say that you have a right to a refund or replacement if the car is faulty.
But that's not an automatic right to a full refund.
They do have a good argument to say there should some reduction of the refund for use/wear&tear and depreciation.
So in principle they could offer you the refund less the sum of money they have outlined.
But let's be clear. Being sold faulty goods is a breach of contract and you are entitled to be compensated for your losses.
If you have spent time and your own money trying to get this resolved this is no reason why those cannot be offset against the charges they seek.
I suggest a stonily worded letter complaining about the treatment you have received and making it clear in no uncertain terms that you have expended time and money in getting this resolved and you seek compensation for that.
You might be able to persuade them to reduce the sum they are seeking.
This is a multimillion pound company who do business on the basis of good customer relations. Make it clear that if you are treated improperly you will take your future business elsewhere and tell all your friends about.
Need to be bullish. The law is mostly on your side anyway.
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Sorry 'stonily' should read 'strongly'. Predictive typing is awful.