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We have owned our house three years and during all

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We have owned our house for forty three years and during all of that time there has been a fence, erected by the adjoining public house, affording us privacy from the customers and the pub car park. This fence was originally erected at the request of the owner of the house in the 1950s, but this is not written in the deeds. I had a discussion with the newest owners of the pub about the fence about two and a half years ago which was in some disrepair. They said they would like to remove the fence altogether; however I did not agree as the dry stone boundary wall is lower than our front garden and affords no privacy to the garden or front of our house . (The sitting room, dining room and television room as well as three bedrooms are at the front of the house.)
The fence has gradually been removed over the last six months, and it is not going to be replaced. There has been no discussion with us. In addition the pub's bins have had a 'housing' erected in the car park which comes up about two/three feet and is quite an eyesore.
I would be grateful if you could advise me if we have any rights as to requesting the erection of a new fence? We would be prepared to contribute towards the cost.
Hello, I am a lawyer with 20 years experience. I will try to help you with this.
Do the deeds say anything at all about the fence and whose land was it built on?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The fence is on the pub's property and there is no mention of the fence in our deeds.

Thankyou. I am busy at the moment but will answer later today
If the fence is on the pub's land they can do what they want with it. You can not force them to re-instate it and if you want your privacy back then you will need to erect a fence/wall on your land abutting the boundary.
This may not be the answer you were hoping for but it is important that I give a true answer and do not raise false hope.
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