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I am a white British male aged 53, I work (Salford

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I am a white British male aged 53, I work for SCL (Salford Community Leisure) at Walkden High School, I work there in the evenings and Saturday morning providing access to the sports facilities for the public, I am the only SCL staff member on site and there is a school caretaker.
Recently we have had problems with large numbers of youths using the all weather outdoor football pitches without paying. they are trespassing. While asking these youths to move on, both I (Thomas) and Adnan (Caretaker) have been verbally abused, I have been threatened with physical violence and spat at, there has been some damage to the football nets.
The police have been called twice in the past eight days, firstly by myself last Thursday 11th June and on Tuesday 16th June by Adnan, they did not come when I phoned them for help, but they did come on Tuesday when Adnan called them because he had been racially abused.
The police took a statement from Adnan about the racial abuse, they were not at all interested in the fact I had been called a Fat Bald Bastard and a Paedophile, physically threatened, goaded and spat at.
I feel I have been racially abused by the police because I am a white British male and it seems that it is acceptable for me to be abused in this way and the police have no interest, but Adnan can press charges for being racially abused. You may be interested to know that Adnan agrees with me.
May I please ask what your thoughts are?
Kind regards
Thomas D Buck
Hello, I am solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to answer this for you.
I am sorry to hear about the unpleasant time you are having with these youths.
Spitting at someone is an assault, threatening someone will probably amount to a public order offence. I am afraid the police always treat anything with an element of racial or homophobic hatred in it with particular seriousness. This is an attempt to make up for all the years when they did the opposite. They are watched and monitored on these issues very closely and that is why he will have been treated differently to you.
However, it sounds like all they have done is taken a statement. You don't say anyone has been arrested. So all they have really done is taken a statement to demonstrate on paper that they took this "hate crime" seriously. It is just a form filing statistic producing excercise in all probability.
I can well I understand your sense of grievance thought when your colleague appears to have been treated differently simply on the basis of his skin colour.
I don't think that there is anything you can do about it though, unless you would be able for example to point out the spitter to the police next time he is there.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I am able to identify the two boys that spat at me and the police know the youth that threatened me with physical violence.

I am sorry to say that I am disappointed that the law sees it more offensive to be called a Paki if you seem to be of Asian decent, than it is to be called a bald fat bastard and a paedophile, be spat at and threatened with violence when you are ever weight without hair and white.

I feel completely forgotten in my own nation, Adnan is one of my many Asian and black friends, so please do not think I in any way condone Adnan's treatment or racial abuse in any form. I simply want the same protection and consideration as anyone else.

Did you get a crime number from the police when you called them?
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