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I got married in 1958 and used my brothers name by mistake

Customer Question

I got married in 1958 and used my brothers name by mistake being a victim of circumstances at the time i am still married and i found out 55 later years that I had a brother and 2 sisters my God mother reread me from 2 years old to 17 years and gave me a birth cert when went to England to work that birth cert worked out to be the wrong cert it was my brothers birth cert, I am at present trying to correct that name change but gro case looked for further information a letter stating that they have knowing you for a lot of years and that that your birth name was john Anthony Quin and used your brothers name of Michael barry Quin confirming that Michael barry Quin is one and the same as john Anthony Quin. his brother was using his birth name Michael barry Quin while I was using his name. I did not know at the time a deed-poll name was sent passport sent gro.Casework states that John Anthony Quin are not one they relate back to the marriage act of 1949 section 61 so why did they ask for further information and disapprove of the correction. I have re sent a marriage affidavit signed by a solicitor. and a declaration of name change signed by commissioner of oaths and loads of house hold bills hospital records old uk photo driving license and irish photo driving license photo bus passes and a public service photo card gro are saying the 1949 section 61 that causing the refusal to the correction. Regards ***** ***** xxxxxx.

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law