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I am a UK citizen, born here, my Japanese girlfriend is here

Customer Question

I am a UK citizen, born here, my Japanese girlfriend is here in UK on a "special visitor" visa for her Japanese children who are here for education on "Tier 4" visas. She is currently married in Japan to a Japanese husband. Her marriage has broken down. Her husband is controlling, sexually abusive and violent, there are no police records but her oldest son (17) can testify to the abuse in Japan. She has lived in the UK for 4 years, her husband sent her here with the children. She wishes to have permanent stay or citizenship here in the UK so that she can stay with her children while they continue there education. Under the current situation, she will have to return to Japan and the children stay here unattended (they are age 10,14 and 17); she cant stay in UK after her youngest son is 12 years old (June 2017), she is not permitted to marry in the UK with current visa. my questions are as follows:
Can she switch her visa to stay in UK longer?
Can she get a student visa?
Can she switch to a visa that allows marriage in the UK?
Can she get sponsorship as a Japanese teacher in the UK?
If we were to marry in Japan, could we return to the UK as a couple and she can apply for permanent stay or citizenhsip in the UK?
Would I be able to get a visa to reside in Japan with her if ll else fails?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  UK_Lawyer replied 2 years ago.
Hi, thank you for your question, I will be happy to help you today.Can you confirm that her visa was only issued on the basis of her child studying in the UK and not on the basis of her marriage?When does her visa expire? Kind regards