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I ordered and payed room and dining room furniture

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I ordered and payed for living room and dining room furniture from Harvys & Reids just before Christmas 2014. There has been one error after another; furniture not being put together; delivery dates being given and then cancelled at the last minute which has culminated in me cancelling the order and getting my money back. However, at no stage has Harvys acknowledged their shoddy service by telephoning or writing to apologize. The store has been apologetic and extremely embarrassed but Customer Services did not even bother contacting me. I have asked for compensation but have been advised that as I have cancelled the order and being refunded I am not entitled to this. It is not the money that I seek as much as an acknowledgement that I have been treated in an extremely unprofessional manner. Given that I paid over £3,000.00 I had expected a better service. Do I have any recourse for this very upsetting situation?
Hello, my name is ***** ***** it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today. What are you actually hoping to achieve in the circumstances? What outcome are you looking for?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Ben

An ackowledgement that Harvys & Reid have actually fallen very short with regard to customer service and if possible, though not necessary, a ex gratia payment. The store passed all the details to customer services who, I was advised, would contact me within 24-36 hours. However, as I did not receive any communication I called the store who gave me the complaint number and passed me through direct to them. They had the complaint number but it did not seem to concern them that I had not been contacted. Given that I had paid over £3,000.00 for their furniture I would have expected a much better service. I suppose, truth be told, I am just so fraustrated at the poor service. This was the first time I had made a major purchase since my husband had passed away and it has left me feeling a bit vulnerable. Having said that, I purchased furniture from another furniture store and had a completely different experience so my confidence has been restored.

Many thanks


Good morning Mary, whilst I completely understand your position and what you are hoping to achieve, legally that may not be easy. You ordered furniture and paid a price for it. What you ordered did not materialise so the seller would have acted in breach of contract. What that occurs you are entitled to be placed back in the position you were before the breach, which in most circumstances would mean getting your money back. If you had incurred any other losses as a direct result of this breach then you could potentially get compensated for these too but that is not always easy and you must be able to show that losses had occurred in the first place. That does not include compensation for stress, inconvenience, or just an ex gratia payment. So if you cannot prove other losses have been incurred as a direct result of their actions then you cannot expect any additional payments.
As to acknowledging their errors or apologising, this is not something that can be ordered in law. So no matter what you do, you cannot force them to do this. It is really about good customer service but that is a moral matter, not a legal one. Sop any acknowledgement is going to be issued at their own discretion and even if it appears morally incorrect not to do so, it is their prerogative not to issue it if they wanted to. So this is really something which you can only resolve directly with them and as mentioned it is not something that they can be forced to do.
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