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My dog has killed a cat. She is a rescue dog and very

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My dog has killed a cat. She is a rescue dog and very friendly with people and other dogs but not cats and I was aware of this. I have been muzzle training her. On our walk this morning, she was on a lead but put her head in a hedge and got a cat. The cat did not have a collar but a man who came to my aid has asked around and has narrowed it down to a lady who is away until tomorrow. I have her mobile phone and will call her tonight. My dog is not dangerous to anything but cats and I knew this and I know that I am at fault not having her muzzled yet. Can I be forced to put her down? I am happy to pay compensation.

Has anything like this happened before?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Not with me. I understand that in the last place she was rehomed she jumped over a 4ft fence to try to get to a cat and was taken back to the rescue centre. I had been muzzle training her and in the meantime taking her up a road where I had not seen any cats on the way to some fields. Unfortunately, there was a cat in a hedge which I did not see and she put her head in there and got her.

OK. I understand. Have the police been in touch?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

No. The person whose cat it may be (it had no collar on) is away and returning tomorrow, but she has been informed.

Hopefully s/he will accept your offer of compensation but this is a matter that could be reported to the police for further investigation. A dog dangerously out of control in a public place is a crime - but a destruction order will only apply if a person (not a cat) is injured. The police will not insist on putting the dog down but may have concerns about future problems and may insist on muzzling when out in public. There will be serious concern about future behaviour.
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