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I am an american ex***** *****ving on a small tourist island

Customer Question

Hello. I am an american ex***** *****ving on a small tourist island in Indonesia. Five years ago myself and 2 of my friends moved into a rental property on this 2 square kilometer island. The property consists of 2 villas that are situated within a few meters of each other and share a common pool/lounge area. Athe time, there was a British couple renting the other villa. We would run into them from time to time but due to our busy schedules contact with this couple was infrequent (we ran into the just man 3-4 times in 6 months, and the female we never encountered.) On the few occassions when i met the man in passing in the common area and said hello, he never responded and would scurry off into his rental villa. On one occassion when my roommate was in the common area, she had her first encounter with this man and said hello, to which he responded 'hello', and my roommate being a very comedic, and gregarious person, having noticed his distinctive east-end-of-London accent, commented to him something along the lines of "My gosh now that's a real London accent! Now where is that from, Hackney or Brixton." (My roommate and i both lived in London for 10+ years before moving to Indonesia, where i studied anthropology, and she has many friends from all over London, all of whom are very proud of their post code of origin. In her eyes, she was striking up a friendly conversation. Well the neighbor seemed to take extreme offence to her question, and indignantly shouted back at her "We're from Shepherds Bush", and then he stormed into his villa. After that encounter, neither she nor I ever encountered the neighbors again and we laughed about the man's strange reaction to my roommates question, but we took it as nothing and forgot about the incident. It seems that this man did NOT forget, however, and STILL to THIS DAY, it is a major focus of his existence. The neighboring couple were building a house next to the rental property 5 years ago, and 8 months after my roommates exchange with the man, he and his wife moved into the house next door to the rental villa. My roommate and I have continued to reside in the rental villa to this day, which we would not have done had we realised at the time that this man was emotionally disturbed. A month after moving into the house next door, the couple erected the tallest ham radio/wifi tower on the island. (Its roughly 25 meters in height) As such, his antenna has the power to reach all over the island. I discovered 2 years ago that he has been systematically hacking into my wifi router, and taking over my wifi, and this has been going on, on a constant basis, for 5 years. Because my roommate is a bohemian starving artist and has no real savings or property and does not use computers nor cell phones (thus being 'un-hackable), and he has considerably more to gain from harassing me, financially speaking, the neighbor has put very extensive effort into hacking into MY computers and trying a myriad of different tactics to take what he can get from me financially, and ruin my reputation and my life.He has disabled 10 macintosh computers that i have owned in 5 years, after hacking into each one, one by one, and spying on me for months at a time. At first I thought i could get rid of the problem by getting a new mac that was 'uninfected' each time he hacked into and then permanently disabled a mac laptop of mine. I was totally clueless about hacking methods and had only heard about hackers on the news, and tried to downplay the dozens of incidents where my computer seemed to be controlled by a 3rd party. I am a pacifist by nature, and hoped that he would eventually lose interest in us and stop the harrassment. I also did not realize that he was insane and hell bent on destroying my reputation and stealing my financial savings. He has somehow paid unsavory mercenaries to learn about my financial holdings and to investigate my personal and professional history, and that of my family. When he could find nothing in my past to legitimately discredit me, he created damaging lies to slander me and discredit me on a daily basis and this continues to this day. He tried to get me thrown out of the country, using corrupt friends and officials and police ,who he tried to pay off, to do so. Luckily, unbeknownst to him, I had, and continue to have totally legal status in this country, due to the fact that i followed the country's laws and paid the hefty yearly sum necessary to have a work/live visa here, and also 7 years ago i paid the necessary hefty sum to form a company here, a legal step which is necessary to gain such a visa as non- native resident.(Incidentally, he has neither of the above, and lives and works here illegally.) Indonesia is a difficult country in which to prosecute hackers and stalkers of women. Do I have any legal recourse in the UK? Thank you. A stron
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 2 years ago.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.What is it you want to achieve please?