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There My mum has been providing a hairdressing service

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Hi there
My mum has been providing a hairdressing service to a residential care home for the last 10 years.
On 3rd june 2015 my mum was attacked by a lady with dementia in the care home quite badly. My mum was kicked in both ankles punched in the arm and took a blow to the back of her neck to which this will take 8 weeks to recover from.
My mum after the attack, gently took hold of the ladies wrists to guide her to a member of staff.
she immediately reported the incident to the manager who offerred no medical assistance to my mum only said she should have pressed her panic button.
My mum has never been given a panic button or a personal attack alarm and no training given on handling residents.
Ten minutes after my mum was told she had fo be let go as she shouldn't have restrained a patient.
She was then escorted off the premises.
I have sent an email to the head office as this is a large organisation and it is now with the compliance team.
I have asked for timescales however have had no response.
Can my mum look to get legal advise with this matter
Hi, Thank you for your question and welcome. My name is ***** ***** I will assist you. Was your mother an independent contractor or an employee?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi alex

She definately wasnt employed by the company she just invoiced them for the work done so can only assume was an independent contractor

Hi, Thank you. When she is on their premises they are in part responsible for her personal safety and will have insurance to cover incidents like this. After the way she has been treated I would certainly consider suing them. This will certainly be a matter for a no win no fee solicitor, and is likely to be a personal injury claim. What she should do is:(i) Contact the Law Society ask them to recommend a personal injury Lawyer;(ii) Contact he doctor and the person that treated her to provide a summary and assessment of her injuries;(iii) Make a schedule of the losses she has suffered from not being able to work;(iv) Write a detail account of the incident.She should then go and see the personal injury lawyer with a view to making a claim - in all likelihood as this care home will have public liability insurance they will probably settle the claim.
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Any claim should come from a solicitor to put pressure on these people to respond. Kind regards AJ