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He keeps harassing me verbally for 2 years now getting angry

Customer Question

He keeps harassing me verbally for 2 years now getting angry swinging his fists then his always knocking on the door making me feel sorry for me begging me for money I gave him 1700 pounds he owes the problem with is stop talking to him and stopped giving him money and if he sees me he gets very aggressive if he doesn't get his own way I've been running away from him and locking the door but Monday he corners against the out side wall telling come on mate I went to jump in the taxi he propels his body in the taxi after me swinging his fists in the back of a private hire I told the taxi driver to call the cops Kirk puts the his fist in taxi drivers face and says please don't call the cops I try to stay away from the neighbor ever since he invited me in the house told me let me poke your chest I said then he does and says see I have boobes he grabbed the skin on his chest and says see I have boobes too I'm transder now he knocked on my door and tried to be the good by securing water boxes left on my door step then bringing them back to me and say hey I kept your water from being stollen I reported this viole nt behavior that happened Monday to thcops in Coventry they said theirs nothing they can do community police will take watch the neighbor hood he says what you want to happen I sad I don't want any trouble and I'm considering filling for a warning of harassment at this point I don't care about the money he owes I want him to leave me alone I have another knocking on the door all the time all the saying on the behalf of the owner he's to check if good people live in his friends house I rent thought a reall estate agent but this guy is friends with the owners mother that lives next door he brought male clothes to and said I must dress like a man no I'm transgender with c cup chest cops get do any thing cause his senior citizen theirs more it's my cause I let the cops tell me every thing is a civil matter even when my house got broken into
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Alice H replied 2 years ago.
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