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I have had a car on lease which ended 3 years ago I offered

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I have had a car on lease which ended 3 years ago I offered the leasing company an amount per month which I had been paying already to keep the car instead of paying the final amount which they refused I asked them to collect the car on several occasions which they failed to do or did not offer me a place where to drop the car off at. I put the car in storage for the first year or so to keep it safe which I had to pay for I couldn't afford any longer than that The lease company have now come to me 3 years later to collect the car which has detoriated considerably Can I recoup the storage costs against what they are trying to claim for the outstanding balance? I do have an invoice for the storage costs I am assuming there should be reasonable time that the car should have been collected 3 Years do seem excessive
Thank you for your question.
What period does the outstanding balance cover? Why did they fail to collect the car 3 years ago? Have you asked them for an explanation?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

They haven't given a reason why they didn't collect They just say I have broken the agreement

The outstanding balance is the final balloon payment which was due at the end of the agreement 01022013 I offered them a monthly repayment instead on the 01022013 which was the same amount I had paid for 48 months (and I hadn't missed one) which they declined on the 02042013 So I then asked them to collect the car on the 21st 042013 and the address they needed to collect it from, in writing They have asked for me to call them but I put everything in writing so I have a record of it And whilst I have requested them to send my correspondence to an updated address they have failed to do so sometimes they have sent letters to the updated address and then sometimes to the address the agreement was set up at

From what you say, they should have collected the car as you did not want to pay the balloon payment and they were not prepared to enter into a new agreement.
For that reason that I consider that you could hold them in breach of contract, clean that the storage charges and resist any attempt by name to recover any further money from you.
If they allege that you have broken the contract, they will have to say why.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Sorry what does clean that the storage charges mean?

Sorry auto correct error. Should say "claim from them the storage charges".
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