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I was divorced over forty years ago. There was fault on both

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I was divorced over forty years ago. There was fault on both sides, but I shouldered the blame. There were two children by that marriage, whom I always supported in every way, and still do. Both parties remarried shortly afterwards. Relations between us remained civil throughout the interim.
My ex-wife died just over a month ago. I was told that my presence was not wanted at the funeral, which probably hurt my children more than me, but I complied.
In the eulogy, written by her second husband, and delivered by his sisters husband, it was apparently stated that he had (heroically) married this young women with two children, ABANDONED by their father, and promised to bring them up as his own; which appalled some people present who knew the truth. One, a retired solicitor, called it 'character assassination'. Someone asked my daughter later whether she had any contact with her real father in the last forty years, so she was able to put him straight.
The truth is I only left the family home after my ex-wife's adultery, was always in touch with her and the children, had the children to stay on alternate weekends, never missed a maintenance payment, took them on holiday to Scotland and Devon/Cornwall, put money into building society accounts for them and continue to help and support them and my grandchildren to this day.
I might also add that this 'poor abandoned young woman' also left the marriage with half the value of our house, plus an extra £500 (in 1974), her own car, and maintenance for herself until she remarried (She did not work at the time). She had enough to buy herself a terraced house, which she did, and where she later set up home with the man who became her second husband, who at that time had nothing except his job. She was hardly left destitute.
Do I have a case for Slander against her second husband? I don't know how the record could be put straight, but feel it ought to be, rather than forty or fifty people present at the funeral being fed such a low opinion of me by this bitter and selfish man. I am torn between doing something and just letting it go.
Thank you for your question.
Certainly his remarks are untrue and, therefore, you have a claim for defamation and damages. In th first instance your solicitor should write demanding a retraction and an apology from both the author, being the second husband and the party who read it out at the funeral.
Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
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