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Please help me understand the legal situation regarding

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Please help me understand the legal situation regarding the following business. I received a final quotation from a business called Prime Property Services. I was told that the business was a joint venture partnership between a Mr ***** ***** and a Mr Mark Rowland and I have an email stating this. I accepted the quotation and signed it, and sent a deposit as requested . I was asked to send the money to Mr Rowland's account which I did. Prime property services have since broken the contract and I am taking the matter to court. Mr Bailey has now changed his story and is saying that Prime property services is a limited company and therefore I should be taking the company to court and not himself.
I have contacted the companies registry on the Isle of Man where the business is and have been told that Prime Property Services is registered as a trading name only and is not listed itself as a limited company. The quotation I received also did not state anywhere that it was a limited company.
However, Mr Bailey does have a limited company registered under the name of Strategic Resource Management. Mr Bailey tells me that he is not personally liable for any money due to me, should I win the case, as Strategic Resource Management would itself be liable as the "umbrella" limited company .
My question is , is Prime Property services protected by Strategic Resource Management, and if not how do I prove it so that that Mr Bailey is himself liable.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Just to clarify you paid this to a personal account? If that is the case then it can NOT be a limited company. You can claim it was a partnership and as such Mr Rowland is personally liable. They can't behind the umbrella of a Limited company.
You paid personally - therefore its not a contract with a Limited company.
Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for that. I think I need to inform you that Mr Bailey did ask me to pay the deposit into the account of Strategic Resource Management, but they started the work before I had sent the money and then changed their mind and asked me to pay it into Mr Rowland's own account. Just so I understand totally please can you tell me if Mr Rowland and Mr Bailey are both personally liable if I win the case ?

Yes they are personally liable if you win.
Does that help?
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