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My daughter has been on the end of bullying 2 years

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My daughter has been on the end of bullying for over 2 years now. The school (independent) have denied it is happening and all bar one of my complaints are not on record. Today is her last day (she is 18) and we will deal with the school through the Independent Schools complaint procedure. What I concerned about is that this bullying has been online and I doubt if it is going to stop even when she is away from school. The girl has involved friends as well as at least 1 family member in this harassment. This girl is not yet 18. Can we have a letter drawn up by a lawyer sent to her parents demanding that they stop this or we take civil action against them. This has had a severe detrimental effect on my daughter's health. She now has asthma which is triggered by stress. We would not require legal aid
Yvonne Bennett
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
You can get a solicitor to write to them. That would cost about £100 plus VAT.
In principle, you could bring a claim against the parents on the basis that they have failed to control their child. They are liable in negligence in failing to do so.
Obviously you do though have to prove that there is a harassment. Harassment does not encompass all childhood rows and you need to bear that in mind. There would need to be a fairly unilateral course of conduct to get home on harassment and you would have to prove that any person involved in it are acting at the direction of this child. She is not liable for the actions of other autonomous individuals unless she has urged them to act.
Can I clarify anything for you?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

We really don't want to take them to court for harassment. It has been much more than just childhood fallout. The internet messages have been day and night. It has been particularly nasty and the school felt the best way to handle it was for my daughter to drop out of school half way through her AS levels and start again fresh the following year. She chose to stick it out as she has done nothing wrong.

I would like this to be done asap before this girl reaches 18 as I hope her mum and stepdad may now do something to stop it.

Is this something you do or do I need to find a solicitor?

You would need to instruct a solicitor or a barrister under public acess to write to them.
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