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I have just purchased a flat in London, we put down a deposit

Customer Question

I have just purchased a flat in London, we put down a deposit a year ago when the flats were still being built and we completed two weeks ago. On the handover day I pointed out to the person showing us the finished flat that a couple of the radiators were in very inconvenient places, the only wall in the lounge that you could place a sofa against has a huge radiator in the middle of it, it needed to be placed further over to the left and the same in the master bedroom.
The person handing the flat over to us said they would ask if they could be moved (I said I would pay for the work to be done) the answer was no, they also said that the position of the radiators had been decided by building control to give optimum heat in the room. There were all the usual cosmetic snags, missing grout in tiles, bro***** *****ght switches, a loose window catch etc nothing that can't be fixed but the radiator situation they have refused to do anything about. My husband has suggested that we request the drawings for the flat showing the layout of all the plumbing work as he refuses to believe that a designer would have positioned the radiators in such a ridiculous location, so far I haven't had a reply to my request.
Last week we visited the flat to have another look at the situation and the flat next door which has not yet been handed over to its owner was having some work done and I asked the builder if i could have a peek (it is the mirror image of our flat) unbelievably the radiators in the flat next door are in exactly the right place, absolutely where any sane designer would have positioned them. I feel an error has been made in my flat, I have been unable to order any furniture yet as I need to get the radiator situation sorted out before I can get the rooms wallpapered and furnished. If i try to find a plumber to do it part of the walls will need to be cut away and although I don't mind getting my decorator to make good any damage I am worried that my NHBC protection will be void if I interfere with the plumbing system.
I am so upset about the situation, its obvious that an error has been made in my flat but they've had my money and have absolutely no interest in trying to help me.
Please advise me what to do next.
Kindest Regards
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 2 years ago.
Hello Donna my name is ***** ***** I will help you.
Do you know the cost of getting the radiators moved?