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Yes. Only met her once!

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Yes. Only met her once!
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

It was one of a few houses my wife owns. About two hours after I had attended a Policeman turned up to arrest me. He said I had been touching her inappropriately according to the lady.

Police could find no DNA match which is not surprising as I did not touch her.

She was aggrieved as the Agent had asked her guarantor to pay the rent.

Shall we use your original question?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I think we are getting confused.

I wish to sue the women for my wasted time. What piece of legislation would I sue her under?

Presumably there is some Act saying she should not make up unfounded claims!

If you can point me to the Act that will do.

I'm really sorry but it is not that simple.
If you have issued already then you might be in difficulty.
Your options are either defamation, malicious prosecution or perverting the course of justice. To bring either of those claims you have to show that this was a false allegation as opposed to just one that was disbelieved. Usually with sexual offences that is near impossible which is why these false accusers do it.
In any event, perverting the course of justice and malicious communications are criminal matters. You can take out a private prosecution but that isn't what you did if this is in the county court. Also, CPS may take it over and drop it.
Defamation is a civil matter but you cannot just sue for your wasted time. In fact, you would not get compensation for wasted time. An allegation of this nature is a defamatory statement but you have to show it was untrue which is hard.
If this is the first time she has done this then you don't have harassment open which is a much better claim.
I do agree with the view you imply. There should be a consequence to making unsubstantiated allegations. However, there is none. That is why women's groups are able to cling fondly ***** ***** notion that no woman makes false allegations. They do make false allegations and far more for this type of offence than for any other. It is very difficult to prove. They are just getting away with it.
I'm very sorry.
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