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My question is regarding criminal record dislosure from

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My question is regarding criminal record dislosure from the UK, if I was to apply to obtain living Visa, due to marriage in Colombia.
Throughout my child and teen years, from 14 until the age of 23 (4 years ago), I had an addiction to drugs, and developed a long criminal record. The crimes tended to be petty, with the exception of a few, which I am most concerned -
At age 15 (12 years ago) i was convicted of GBH with intent & sentenced 12 months, of which i served 6 in custody.
At age around 20 (7 years ago) i was making DMT, a class a listed psychedelic chemical, in my room at home and was charged with production (NOT with intent to supply) and sentenced to 12 month probation.
At age 22, in a cry for help which went wrong, I phoned the police in order to admit to indecent images of minors, which I had downloaded on my computer. After one year waiting for verdict I was cautioned & placed on the sex offenders register for 2 years. This expired over 2 years ago.
Around that time (2011) I became clean of drink and drugs and have developed no further criminal record.
My question is this -
I am currently backpacking in South America and have found myself in a love relationship with a Colombian women.
If I was to get married and apply for a Visa to live in Colombia, what would the UK declare from my record? When do these things on my record expire? I mean, assuming they are still an issue, how long would i have to wait until they are wiped?
I also have concerns that if the sex offending information was sent to Colombia my personal safety might be in danger, due to corruption & lack of protection measures?

The UK would not declare your records without your consent so you need to check with a local Columbian lawyer what the requirements are for you obtaining a Columbian visa and whether any criminal checks are carried out against you as part of the Columbian visa application process.

Personally, I would be surprised that Columbia would even ask you about your UK criminal background and unless you disclose the same voluntarily, no one in Columbia need know or find out about your past.

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Doing research on the internet it would seem I would need a criminal record report.
If i was to obtain one how far back would it go?

The UK police certificate would reveal all convictions on the police national computer, no time limit as to how far the records go:

However, I do not see the criminal record being asked anywhere here:

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