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We have received a notice to appear in court hearing

Customer Question

we have received a notice to appear in court for a hearing which has been initiated by a law firm by the name of Clark WIlls on behalf of their client who claims to have tripped outside on the pavement of our shop. we are the landlords of the property
and our tenant who were the occupiers at the time have confirmed they were tenants at the date of the incident and have recently provided their insurers details. CLark wills contacted us a couple of months ago and we provided name of the tennats their contact
details. we have an email from clark wills which confirms they received the details and they asked for a lease copy. They wanted a copy of the lease. However we did not provide this to them as the lease which applied to the date of the incident had expired
and the tennats had since entered into a new lease earlier this year. We did not have a copy of the lease and felt by providing the tennats details anyway we had fulfilled our part. CLark wills intiated as mentioned at the beginning a court hearing to what
we presume is acquire the lease. the court selected is over 200 miles from us and I am unable to travel the distance due to back problems. We would like advice on how to send an email to the court with our statement, which would say we had already provided
te information we had and the hearing to bring us the landlords into court is unreasonable especially since the tenant has already clarified they were occupiers at the time do we need to fill in any part of the application notice or should we just send our
statement via email and the post to the court tomorrow ?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 2 years ago.
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