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I'm 18 and going to University in September. But I told my

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I'm 18 and going to University in September. But I told my mum I wish to change to my dads address when I go to university simply because my dad will help me through uni by giving the maintenance money directly to me, which he would usually give to my mum. My mum said its not that simple and we'd have to go to court to rearrange everything but I think this is just because she doesn't want to be denied the money because I know she uses it to spend on the house and cars, holidays and so on. I do not see as morally acceptable whilst I am at uni and in greater need of the money more than ever. I wondered if she is right and what will happen? I just want to be entitled to the money that should be spent on me anyway, if I have to move to my dads then I will.
Thank you for your question.
Well done on getting to university. I'm afraid your mum is not right. Your dad is entitled an obliged to pay mains once to you directly, not to your mother. Of course if you stayed at your mothers house, that would be seen as her providing you with board and lodging by way of maintenance but if you are not there she would have a liability to pay you some kind of support. The same applies to your father of course. If you stay with him that would offset some of the obligation to pay you cash.
If you choose to live with one parent as opposed to the other, there would be no real reason to go back to court as this is a different issue. This is the maintenance of an adult as opposed to a child.
If you can't reach agreement then you would be entitled to go to court although for obvious reasons you want to avoid this if at all possible.
I hope this helps.
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