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My daughter ordered a pair of made to measure riding boots

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My daughter ordered a pair of made to measure riding boots from a company she had dealt with previously. The measurements were made by the seller in December 2014 and a deposit paid. When the boots were delivered full payment was taken - this was around April / May this year - and they did not fit in the upper leg (around 2 plus cms too narrow). Seller proposed, and my daughter agreed, to the seller returning them to the company that had made them and them making some alterations that hopefully would mean they would fit - it was understood this would be at no charge but not provided in writing . The boots are now back and before the seller will send the modified boots they are now asking my daughter for £180 to cover the costs of the alterations. The original price of the boots was £680. The seller claims that it is not her problem and that my daughter's legs must have changed shape over the period from when the boots were ordered and delivered.
Interestingly her other riding boots (also provided by the same seller previously) had not shown any noticeable change in how they fitted.
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Were the original boots made correctly to your daughters original order or were they made too narrow?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The original boots were made using the same approach - they were measured by the seller and then made to measure. They were made by a different supplier.

However the seller re-measured my daughter for the new boots and did not use the previous measurements. In this instance they were too narrow.

The reason for mentioning that her original boots still fitted fine over the period December 2014 to April / May 2015, when her new boots were made and delivered, is that there was nothing of which my daughter was aware that indicated that her legs had changed shape.

If the boots were made to their measurements then they are liable for the alternations not your daughter, the fact that they have changed suppliers makes no difference to this.
You should write to them to say you are not prepared to pay on the basis that there is clearly a problem with their measurements or interpretation of them and the suggestion that your daughter's legs have changed shape is ridiculous.You can offer for them to remeasure her legs to prove it!
Hopefully that will be enough for them to change their mind and to stop pursuing your daughter for the additional cost.
I would not pay them!
If you have any further questions please do ask. If I have answered your question I would be grateful if you would take the time to rate my answer. Thank you and all the best.
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