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Dear solicitormy step daughter recived an inheritance from

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dear solicitor my step daughter recived an inheritance from her father and promised several times she would pay off our mortgage of £40.000 pounds however she went on a spending spree and spent £150.000 so she put £45.000 into my account to save so she can put a deposit on a house, some months later she said to us we could have the money in our bank and kept saying to me over the next few days "am i happy" i replied "thankyou but it has not sunk in yet i never had no one doing this type of thing for me before" working hard all my life for what i have. However during these few days l payed £15,000 off my mortgage because i could only transfer a certain amount at a time, then after a number of days she ask for the money back in full. ln the meantime she has been going around family and friends saying that we have stolen the money before we could discuss the mater we continualy tried to invite her to resolve the matter but refused being very abusive to her mum, now she has been to a solicitior demanding it back in full where do we stand? we are prepared to pay back a certain amount minus what we paid off our mortgage not nowing she would ask for it back at the time where do we stand. kind regards johnXXX

Thank you for your question.
If you can prove that she gifts the money to you (and from what you say you could give evidence to that effect) then she has no case to say that you stole the money.
I would deny the claim and take the stance that she gifts you the money. From a negotiation point of view you can offer some of the money back. You should instruct a solicitor to negotiate a settlement that involves you retaining the money that went to your mortgage account.
Happy to discuss.
Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

hi again

with regard to the money being gifted can we put the remaining £30,000 into trust for our grandson, [my daughters son], because of her reckless spending instead of negotiating giving the money back.

we havnt got anything on paper regarding this money could changing her mind wanting it back give her a legal standing and take legal proceedings.

kind regards


There is no legal right for you to put any of this money in trust unless you argue that it is your money. If she has gifted you the money she can't change her mind and you are free to do what you want with the money.
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