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MadamMy name is***** am a 53 year

Customer Question

Dear Sir/Madam
My name is***** am a 53 year old woman. At 31yrs I gave birth to a baby boy called Kent who is now 22yrs old. I was at four months pregnant deserted by the boys Father Mike Partridge. I paid for all doctor & hospital bills. In Zimbabwe we don't have NHS, medical bills are very expensive.
Single handed I have brought up my son. . I struggled in Zimbabwe trying to keep up with the unstable economy, shortage of jobs, food, money fuel shortages and trying to raise exorbitant sums of money to pay for the ever escalating school fees for my boy.
When he was in his A levels I just could not continue, I hit rock bottom. A very reputable attorney wrote a letter to Mike Partridge who works for BAT (British American Tobacco) in Brazil. I have pasted a copy of his letter below. The letter was sent and still we heard nothing. I urgently needed money for school fees etc.
I was so desperate I decided to leave the country with my son Kent. His A levels were disrupted by our move to the UK in 2011. With only a 15kg bag each we arrived in the UK not knowing what to do. I managed to find a caring job in Midhurst for an elderly lady and I asked the vicar at the church if he had a room for Kent at the vicarage. My job was live in. I then got Kent into Chichester College. I had to borrow money left right & centre to establish ourselves in a new country which I need help in paying back. Help from Kent's Father.
I am so burnt out. My mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in December, and I broke my foot 4 weeks ago which has stopped my income. I hate to admit it but I really need help. I just need a leg up, help from the Father to settle some of the money I owe and ease my anxiety and stress and fear.
Is there anyway in which you can help please? If so I would really appreciate it. Please see letter below from Mr David Lake the attorney in Zimbabwe who first wrote to the boys Father in 2010 when he saw how much we were battling. We never heard a word back from the Father.
Thank you so much
yours sincerely
Mobile - XXXXXXX
* Forwarded from 'Deleted private mail'
* Originally by David Lake, XXXXXXXXXXXX
* Originally to niknak
* Originally dated Thu 16 Sep 2010 10:57A
-*- Forwarded message follows: -*-
From: "David XXXXXX"
Dear *****
It is some years since our paths last crossed over several cricket fields
and I hope you are well.
As you will probably remember, I am a Legal Practitioner and I am writing to
you at the instance and request of Nikki Ziehl who has been a client of mine
for several years and who is the mother of your son , Kent.
Kent is currently at school at St. John's College in Harare where he has
excelled. He was recently awarded half academic colours for his "O" level
achievements which included 5 "A" symbols and a distinction for mathematics.
He is also a talented sportsman who has done particularly well in golf ; he
is now a 2 handicap and recently represented his school at an international
schools' tournament in South Africa where his team came 4th out of 32
In all his fields of endeavour, Kent has shown rare determination to succeed
and his mother has done everything in her power to assist and support him in
this regard. Indeed,she has made considerable personal sacrifices to ensure
that Kent has had available to him the means to be the best he possibly can
be.As he progresses, however, costs associated with his ongoing schooling,
his sporting events and activities, and his anticipated tertiary education
have inevitably escalated and sadly now to the extent that they far exceed
Nikki's available means.
In this context, Nikki has consulted me with regard to the issue of parental
support and I have advised her as to the broad and infinite duty of support
which both parents have to their children. This duty is unfettered by issues
relating to contact with or access to the child or children concerned and it
is a duty recognised and enforced by most jurisdictions throughout the
Notwithstanding this clear legal profile, and although neither Nikki nor
Kent have previously called on you to assist, I am confident that, based
purely on a natural desire to do the best for your son, you will be willing
now to come forward with much-needed
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law