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My sister and I are the beneficiaries of my Aunt's estate.She

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My sister and I are the beneficiaries of my Aunt's estate.She granted my father power of attorney.He believes that he can sell her valuable property while she is still alive and offer my sister and me a nominal sum as opposed to its full value.Is this true?
Thank you for your question.
Your father can't sell valuable property under power of attorney for the purpose of diminishing the estate for his own ends. Everything an attorney does has to be for the benefit of the granter. If he abuses that then he would be answerable to the courts.
If your aunt is capable of doing so she may want to consider withdrawing the power of attorney.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you.Were my father to wish to buy my sister and me out,as it were,is he obliged to offer the market price,or just a figure he has dreamed up?He has forbidden me to have the property valued.

He can't offer you anything. It's not his house to sell. However, if an attorney did want to sell a house in the best interests of the granter he is under a duty to achieve the best possible price. In order to do that a professional survey would be required.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you.That means that the monies raised would have to be paid to her/her estate of which my sister and I are the beneficiaries and he cannot touch the funds?So he can't,as he wishes to do,demolish the property without my Aunt's permission while still alive,or after her demise,as P.O.A. only lasts until her death?

That is all entirely correct, yes.
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