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I live in a big house with an annexe and same electricity meter

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I live in a big house with an annexe and same electricity meter which is suspect as bills always high. Energy company will not check the meter. I let the annexe to migrant tenans paying no rent but responsible for the electricity bill. Tenants stay on average six months before moving on & I put bill back in my name in between tenants. I found out last year from energy company that a lot of Tenant bills hadn't been paid about 20k worth over the years & the energy company saying I owe it as I gave them the name of the tenants & they've recently re-created the bills in my name & because I didn't keep tenancy agreements as proof taking me to court in spite of their deemed contracts with the tenants & never telling me they were owed money before. I have just been served proceedings what should I do?
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Is your supply coming off this meter too?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Alex

Yes there is only one electricity supply meter to the address with two readouts which date from the days of economy seven or night time and day time meters. (the meter is registered for 20 years expiring next year 2016 so is just in registration and which point the other side raised in writing as a reason not to investigate the complaint about it thereby flying in the face of the regulations) The Tenants only paid or were supposed to pay this particular utility bill in lieu of any rent as it worked out about £90 per week on average ( which incidentally is the allowable income for the HMRC 'Rent a room scheme' in your own home. None of my informatioin in this response to you has been disclosed to the other side) During the pre-action correspondence the energy company asserted that there was only one supply or energy company supplying the property although I did not concede this and in any case the heating is oil and bottled gas.

Regards Tony.

Why did you not have 2 supplies?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No need for 2 supplies as:- 1. Wiring for for two supplies Would cost three thousand to make two separate wiring installations & extra charge for additional meter installation 2. Different tenants require different areas of Accomodation ( as in HMRCS rent a room scheme which can be from a single room to a single floor) so it's not possible to quantify Accomodation limit 3. Two supplies mean two meter rental charges is more expensive and if unoccupied I would be paying them both. 4.Tenants usually pleased to pay the single utility energy bill in lieu of no rent
Best wishes Tony
Would you like me to call?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Alex,

Yes can call me ok on mobile *********** I should have added that that the way the accommodation is organised that the 'Annexe' part occupied by tenants, when they are in occupation, is heated by electricity for the most whereas the part occupied by others is oil central heating and it follows that the Tenants will be responsible for the the greater use of electricity. This fact is likely to be demonstrated by the lesser consumption following departure of tenants at times when the supply has gone back into my name although I have not spent the time necessary to compile the figures as of yet.

Best Wishes, Tony.

Ok when would be good to speak?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Noticing your swift response............Right now would be good

Regards Tony.

Calling now.