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My name XXXX, in 2003 as a family we were invited

Customer Question

Hi, my name XXX, in 2003 as a family we were invited to a place called porta portels and met a Scottish family from fraserburgh, now if you go to fraserburgh in any bar in any pub they will tell you its the European drug line, in which the uk provides a security package, I fell in love with their daughter in which there family would not allow it, said they would kill me if I touch her, from that day I had automatically a secret service observer, reading of the minds is active, mind communication body control, com silent is writing messages with your finger, I tried everything to get it deactivated, they can control your eyes so your eyes lock on bags people belongings the tech deisgn to destroy your structure control the destruction. in 2008 Elaine cowser the lady in question was harassing my life she was annerexic in a shocking state so I brought her to stoke on trent in which tried to play football because I was unknown talent to gain protection, in 2008 the uk place a 7 year injuction on I, banning me from Elaine banning me from working, no barrister would assist I, ive lost everything. The issue I hve im forced to email Elaine everyday, while im abused by her entire family on mind communination, the secret service went wild saying this cost them (this case) 2010 election in hich I was going through 100 death threats a week, the secret service can control your body scream through your voice box there nothing they cant do, the government keeps asking for more time, 4 times I was placed in a mental institute , 12 months in hospital in prison i take medication im 21 stone, 5 stone overweight, my life I appalling , I have no wealth when it was man city the club who had me under assessment who said i was one of the best they had seen, I was tracked by clubs up until I was 32 nobody would touch I, mind tech has been on I for over 10 years, im tired, do I take this to European human rights courts???? Thank you Niki Smith

My case letter to police :


I was tracked by premiership football clubs up until I was 32 years old with outstanding reports.

At 17 I was attacked in Grimsby by two professional footballers in my own home screaming they were gangsters, case closed down and was forced to leave Grimsby due to constant attacks.

At 24 I had rebuilt my life in Stoke-on-Trent working for a successful family business and was being tracked by the biggest clubs in the country, with honour and pride and as a family was invited to Porta Portels, Mallorca not to our knowledge but the location of the Cowser family the leading underworld figure for United Kingdom. I met Elaine Cowser we fell in love and the family rejected with aggression our status as a couple. Elaine refused to correspond directly but used to send pictures of wing mirrors stating I was under surveillance. I walked away from it under immense pressure. Elaine and the Cowser family persistently stalked my life quite literally, always knowing my position while at the same time releasing false details and allegations of the person they portrayed me to be. Mi5 placed me under investigation at the same time I was being tracked by half the premiership. All clubs were lied to and my football career closed; Football clubs that were tracking I used to hide in the changing rooms to listen to me and assess not believing what they were being told.

I’m a big believer in fate and destiny if it wasn’t my direction in life I was not going to fight it! I’m a very placid man who very really reacts to anything, described by all as an old English gentleman. With a broken heart I stopped playing football.

Elaine let me know in 2004 she was going travelling her first correspondence so I also took a sabbatical, 12 months leave from work. I tried in vain to correspond with Elaine to no avail yet she found me several times in Australia, on one occasion sitting with her mother sobbing in the corner of a bar. They wouldn’t acknowledge me or even try, so I emailed her with my mobile number and left it as that. Upon arriving back to England there was emails from Elaine to my work email address, a  family business Kimberly Access which I found strange as she knew I couldn’t pick them up, I emailed her back and she invited me to porta portels, I said yes is this a family invite? Her father came on aggressive nasty and said WHO IS THIS? I explained I’m currently working for my father, being tracked in my first game back by Bolton Wanderers and invited for assessment, there was no reply so I sent a message saying take care, move on as I will!

Whether it was the pressure, strain from this case and the harassment we were going through but my father for whatever reason started to drink heavy, extremely and again I had to walk away from football to help my father achieve the sale of his national business. Elaine continued to harass my life without correspondence, in Manchester, Stoke coming to my home, Nottingham even Cuba always knowing my location as she became extremely delicate but I was engaged to Lindsey  Tranter my partner, committed to the transition period in the sale of the family business and happy with a leading role as national operation manager, in the new co working for Lloyds Bank, ignoring all advances as there was no correspondence, to me that indicated danger!

It was at the start of 2008 when I found my eyes locking on to people’s belongings my senior board, Managing Directors hand bags, clients belongings and it became an obsession, to me it was technology, surveillance technology, a program. I pushed committed; contracting for Westfield’s in London on all the major sites but after 6 months I was in a state of panic and resigned from my position, in my own mind taking a break from work would address all issues. That month in August 2008 I was heading to a wedding in Italy when at the airport Elaine was next to me in the queue, again knowing my location this time she was extremely poorly, anorexic and extremely fragile so I committed inviting Elaine to Stoke.Again without any correspondence Elaine came to Stoke with family members in 2008 and because she was so poorly I tried in vain to play again. I regained my fitness, my quality and by the second half of the season I was attracting clubs in Manchester City and other clubs as Elaine watched me with what appeared to be SAS operatives for protection. Mi5 took video evidence of my games with independent reports stated to I this case cannot be exposed before our festive season in England and it was blocked again, stating it was too big and too far gone to clear my name, I was fuming! I tried in vain to not only clear my name but gain support over this case due to Elaine health she was quite literally shocking, she was like a skeleton with the response coming from football clubs and FA why do I want her? Am I going to attack her? While she watched me at football! It was the devastating effects of years of investigation into I when it was all Cowser to me, never I to them.

In September of 09 I was on vacation visiting family in Fuerventure when the large drug bust off the coast of Spain happened, the ship 350 million pounds worth of cocaine, surprisingly the Senior Cowser family where there on the island on the day of the bust with a strong police presence, police helicopters as they tried again to get me to react, which I never. Why? I was deeply concerned as to why a criminal organisation had full backing from the Spanish POLICE.

In may 2010 straight after the drug bust in Spain and Jamaica the communication set came on, lie detector/ scanner, advance mind tech and I was integrated fully for months, I was accused of trying to target Scotland their back bone, their drug line and I was threatened by many groups, including the Cowser family who had access, to advance Mi5 tech and special forces who screamed at me over and over to stay away from their drug line!Mi5 stated there was that much pressure being place on them over this case they had to open me up to a investigation by advanced technology, to use as a restraint during a delicate period to our nation, the reports were alarming and they stated if there was criminality I would stand trail! Surprisingly, with no criminality the communication set became extremely aggressive and I was drugged in Leeds placed into a mental institute and I was crushed with an iron fist as a watch I purchased for Elaine, Tag Heur was stolen from my locked apartment.

The communication set has been used to target I in some respects go as far as mental torture and the strain it brought to my life has been extreme driven over a period of 3-4 years . Four times in a mental institute and the devastation to not only me but my family and friends, at the extreme level of delusions I was going through .The damage this nation did to me was extraordinary. The manner in which I’ve been crushed is appalling. As you can imagine I’m on medication for an illness I DO NOT HAVE! With a reputation as a mentally ill man not fit for WORK when all I did was stand up for the lady that was extremely poorly.

I have been to the Police, IPT, Home Office  all in which refused to assist, stating  the Cowser don’t exist when I’ve met them all. I’ve been to the media who haven’t even raised an eyebrow and the hurt I’ve found from this has been difficult to take.

I have subsequently lost my home, my careers, my health, my reputation and my life, I’m running out of wealth surviving off benefits and support from my family, classed as officially disabled. Elaine is apparently married, has children and I’m 34 with no future no careers.

Thank you for your time.

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Nicola-mod replied 2 years ago.
I've been working hard to find a Professional to assist you with your question, but sometimes finding the right Professional can take a little longer than expected.
I wonder whether you're ok with continuing to wait for an answer. If you are, please let me know and I will continue my search. If not, feel free to let me know and I will cancel this question for you.
Thank you!
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi there thanking for your reply , yes im ok thank you, ***** ***** on, I went to a Barruster from 2bedfordrow, who never replied but a team came on my facebook page within 24 hours under the name of Paul crouch took all my details. Ive endured a very difficult time, this case was blamed for the loss of the World Cup bid , there was just to much festivity to place injunctions on I, the amount of suffering I was going through either thd nation was forced to pull it or they pulled it, the nation went wild when fifa was raided so I had to report my case again in full to the nation , the fifa raid was dons it's not as it sees, thank you for your response , I can only hope a day comes where I find some freedom. The technology that advance secret service can log on control your hand send a message so it appears it come from me but sometimes it hasn't , it might be to see what people know, I believe there is the rugby World Cup next maybe that my last one. The mind tech that advancs, mind commubication somedays it's a struggle, ive had piece for 24 hours which brings some comfort , thank you for you response please cancel the question , thank you Niki