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My husband assaulted me and pleaded not guilty when he attended

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My husband assaulted me and pleaded not guilty when he attended court on his own, then I had to attend magistrates court to a trial and told the truth about his beating/ assault and now his found guilty but I didn't know that he will be getting a sentence which could lead prison too and I don't want him going prison. I still love my husband and his the father of my four kids. My kids also love their dad. I just wanted him to stay away from me for a while and learn his lesson. Please advise me what can I do now before his sentencing given.
Hello, I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to help you with this.
Sentencing is for the courts rather then for you but you can still have an input. You could make a victim impact statement in which you state your feelings about him not being sent to prison. You would need to contact either the police, the CPS or the witness service to do this. You should have a contact number for one of them.
An alternative would be to write a letter to his solicitors setting out your views.
I would also suggest that you attend court for his sentencing and speak to the prosecutor and the defence lawyer beforehand. If you are actually there looking at the magistrates and they know you don't want your husband sent to jail it will be difficult for them/him to send him to jail.
In short sentencing is for the court but you can influence it.
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