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Yes i need some advice from yourself

Customer Question

yes  i need some advice from yourself

my daughter in law came into this Country on a wife sponsor basis in 2011 she stayed
with my son for a year before threatening to end marriage.She walked out on him 2012
for a whole year.Then she realized that she had not got settlement from my son for this
Country so she decided to reconcile and came back to live with my son.In 2013 she returned and started to sort out the papers to show evidence of residency with my son for
2013 and 2014 which she did successfully.She then got the papers ready in March 2015
went with my son personally to the Immigration Center got the BRP card and in May 2015
decided to end the marriage on her own accord and ended the marriage in May 2015 and
left my son in problems.I then contacted my friend who is also an immigration solicitor
who dealt with this case and he informed me that there is a law in force around 2 years
ago which deals with these sort of issues. The law being that the marriage has to be
genuine secondly his wife from abroad who came into the Country with my sons sponsor
has to continuously live with my son after settlement is granted. I have written to the 
Curtailment team with my MP s full support of a full investigation as to what the status
is of my x daughter in law after what she has done. Please advice myself if this is the correct procedure and what advice yourself can give me.I have written to the Curtailment team stating that the x daughter in law has committed immigration fraud
aswell as deception and manipulation.Please advice myself of your precious thoughts in this case and what further advice yourself can give me.Thanks for your time and kind efforts in this matter.

Optional Information: 
Province/Country relating to question : UK

Already Tried: 
letter from an MP and advice from a friend

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law