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My son is unable to open a bank account with any bank, he use

Customer Question

My son is unable to open a bank account with any bank, he use to bank with Barclays, he became unemployed Last July, while he was actively looking for a job and had his CV on various websites, he received an email from a company offering him a job, he was told that he had to do some online training, and he would be paid for the training. This went on for sometime, they were in fact paying him £30.00, they then emailed him and said that because he trainer lived abroad, they would have to put the money into his account, and he would have to transfer this amount to the trainer. He did this, Barclays contacted him a few days later, his account was blocked and accused him of money laundering. This incident was not fully investigated by Barclays, it seems all they've done is to shut my sons account down. My son is now totally devastated, because all he was doing was looking for a job, his confident level is at a low, he started a full time job in Oct 2014, but has had to reduce to part-time because he has become so depressed over what has happened, he has now become the victim in all of this and the person responsible has just moved on to the next victim. I feel that Barclays has let my son down, they should have at least done type of investigation, or passed I onto the Police or their fraud team. My son had all the correspondence from this person, but he was not asked for anything. Please can you advise me what I can do on behalf of my son
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  JGM replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question.
Has your son complained to the financial ombudsman:
That would be the normal route of complaint in this instance.
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