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If a witness has deliberatly lied in her statement with regards

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if a witness has deliberatly lied in her statement with regards ***** ***** accident, and this has already caused a 10 month delay (and we are only now starting the process of going to court) can I sue this witness for giving false testimony before we go to court? I would like to prove that this witness statement is not true (which I can as I have the police report that has discounted her statement and ruled we are not responsible for causing the accident). however, the car that did cause the accident insure'rs refuse to accept liability based on this witness statement. The insurers have provided 2 witness statements, and they contradict each other. One says we stopped at the entry to a roundabout, the other says we sped through without stopping. We were driven into by a car entering the roundabout to our left. The witness states we were speeding on the dual carriageway prior to entering the roundabout (which has no bearing on the accident in any event). This has cost us several thousands of opunds over the past year, and is all set to cost many more thousands of pounds in the year to follow. Can I sue this witness, prove she is not telling the truth and recover my losses before we go to court with the other drivers insurers?
This is a matter for the court to decide. If the witness is found to be lying then you should win your claim and the witness may be found to be in contempt of court and/or to have committed perjury which are both criminal offences. Unfortunately there is no method for you to "sue" the person - it's for the court decide who is lying and who is telling the truth.
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