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I am making enquiries into how I stand, regarding my

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Hello, I am making enquiries into how I stand, regarding my human rights as to where I live. I live in a 2 bed semi in a small village, since the rent law changed, I have to pay 12 pounds wkly towards my rent, however, I have made over 9 applications to downsize, localy and been refused repeatedly, the only offers available to anyone on pension is to move into sheltered accommodation, or out of this borough away from family, I am 62 on a pension, and need to be near family, I have a granddaughter born with only 2 heart chambers, and needs monitoring all time, when she is rushed into the Brompton, I have my grandson staying on many occasions, this I would not be able to do. The premises I have applied for are bungalows for the elderly, all places lay vacant for for some wks after I applied, I was taken to view one, and told I had only 2 days to move, if I was given tenancy, I never heard another word after viewing, and the bungalow remained empty for wks after. This is not a situation that has people desperate for homes, as these premises remain vacant for wks a woman of 42 was given an elderly bungalow, she has no disability, but was quite determined not to pay rent for an extra bedroom, I doubt anyone likies that scenario, I don't grudge anyone a home, but the situation has got well out of hand. I had workmen, contractored by the council, turn up, out of the blue, come onto my premises, and set up scaffolding in my back and scared the be jesus out of me, I had already asked these folk if I was scheduled for my guttering to be upgraded, and was told clearly no, I was never informed by the council about the upgrade, however, I asked them directly. I had the toilet upgraded also, as the house is an old build, however, once again, problems, the toilet bowel is faulty, this was known when fitted, the fault is where the screw holes for the toilet seat are not alighned, resulting in the seat coming loose constantly, generaly, it can be tightened, however, I had turned to get toilet roll, and seat was loose and I was injured, my hip was twisted, I had xrays and no breaks, but I have had prob with my mobility since, I loose my feeling in my whole leg, form nerve damage. The fact that this is done knowledgably, is the real concern, this is just the tip of the iceberg, regarding the way my council respond, I had a bad infestation of woodworm 5yrs ago, when I pointed it out to the council on 2 occasions they came to inspect and found no issue, well, I,m not a fool that I don't know bloomin woodworm, end result was, I came downstairs one morning and into the sitting room and the tele was loppsided, I went over to inspect it, and next thing I went through the floor, cracked a rib, and had to go to a local paper to get this matter resolved, a ridiculous situation. It is a patern of behaviour, that makes me feel very incomfortable and scared in my home now, the guys that turned up to do the guttering were quite abusive, not ones you could converse with they actualy deliberately spliced a rosemary bush growing out the front, in half, I know this was deliberate, because I asked them why they needed to erect the scaffolding in a bush wasn't it safer on level ground, it was a mutter mutter reply, so I thought it best to leave them alone, the bush had grown over the years so it was large ect another one can easily be grown but the principal here remains the same,. the tactics are deliberate to scare folk out I have a secure tenancy, otherwise I would be living in a park, no joke either, I am originaly from Scotland came south back in 71 worked as a nurse for most of my life, and was told, by the council and the dwp, (a call taped from dwp) to go back to Scotland. The call this occured on, when speaking to dwp I taped also, I have had no response from dwp to forward me a transcript of the call, ive worked in London hospitals most of my wking life, ive been around the racist situation al;l my life, but never would I have believed how much it actualy does happen inj truth, I could not believe what was being said, and if I myself had not been subjected to this behavious I wouldn't be emailing you now, but because matters are where they are, and I live in fear of a knock on the door now, wondering if it,s a bunch of bullies sent by the council, to scare me again, is out of order, the fact that I have only the choice to move into sheltered accommodation out of the borough away from my family is a breach of my right to family life, and emailing you to ask for your opinion, I have no intentions of allowing a council intent on deliberately trying to force me out to do so against the human right I have> There is more going on regarding this problem it has been a definite pattern for some time,. I have seen the council website where opinions are put, and it,s clear that this is done to influence the behaviours of workmen, unbelievable. Can you avise T Mitchell co5 8ee no 18 much appreciated
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 2 years ago.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.
What is it you want to achieve please?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hello, I am hoping to find out what i can do next, i have taken further steps, making a report to the council monitor regarding a councillors behavior ect. i have also discovered i now have water comming into my attic due to poor replacement of my guttering, this always happens when any scheduled repair or emergency one crops up, things actualy get worse. I had thought i had cancelled my request for answer, as i am on limited budget, and judt need an answer regarding my tenancy rights in the spectrum of a council tenancy. Thankyou T Mitchell

Expert:  Ash replied 2 years ago.
What steps have you made to complain to the Council?