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Good evening i am a uk citizen been living in the philippines

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Good evening
i am a uk citizen been living in the philippines for 4/5 years now , i am marries to a filipina (of similar age) and we have a 11 month son together and i also have an adopted son which is my wifes son who is 8 years old .
i would like to bring them to the uk for a visit to meet my family and i am hoping and also inquiring if it is at all possible to apply for a visa for them to live in the uk with me ?
i see from one of your paragraphs regarding finances etc , what is the financial amount required to apply for this ?
i am actually planning to take over a business in the uk to expand which ive been inquiring about for sometime .
i am now no longer working in my job here in philippines so have no current source of income but my wife and i still own a property and land in the philippines which does not generate any income for us at this time but we do both have savings to sustain us as a family in the uk for at least 5,6,7 years dependent on how the business works out .
i can obviously show at a later date or as required the amount of savings we both have which is 6 figures + does this amount qualify under your financial rules ?
i would appreciate any info you may have in this situation as every web site seem to inform different processes also the actual gov website wont give you a straight answer until after you pay and start the process .
i would appreciate any assistance you can help us with
thank you
It seems you are asking about 2 types of visas, one being a family visit visa which does not require any minimum cash income or savings and the other one being a spouse visa which will allow your wife and children to live with you in the UK.
You will need to show cash savings of at least £84,000 to sponsor your wife and 2 children for the settlement visa and you will also need to show that you have suitable accommodation in the UK. You will need to submit at least 6 months bank statements to show that the cash savings were maintained.
The account can be in your name or her name or your joint names.
Hope this helps
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Good morning

Thank you for your prompt reply,

Can you please advise how long the visa process actually takes from start to receiving the visa thay would allow my family to visit the UK and what is the procedure cost for this, at first it will be a visit visa only before we go ahead and process a visa to reside in UK. Thank you

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for the reply, Can you tell me the process time of a visit visa firstly and also the process time of a resident visa from start to actually receiving the required visa for my family?

Thank you

You can check here for visa processing times
The standard visa application process is set out here
All the best
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The answer is what I already knew going to those websites I was asking your firm there time in process, I've already tried to get an answer from the government website unsuccessfully

All visit visa applications lodged in Manila are processed in 60 days. It can therefore take anything from a few days to 60 days for the visa application to be dealt with.
Family settlement visas are also dealt with in 60 days, if straightforward, it can be dealt with in 10 days.
All the best