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I strongly suspect that a friend on facebook has hacked

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Hi, I strongly suspect that a friend on facebook has hacked into my account and I am paying for their internet, is this possible using a dongle. I will try and keep this brief but give u the reasons as to why I think this is. this person is from India and claims to me he pays just £5 a month for all u can eat data, for approx. 3 years I have been using a dongle and I paying £25 a month for around 7gig which I used for around 28 days, in February this year I noticed a huge increase it went from £25 a month to £25 a week, over the last 3 months its cost me £400, in April I got in touch with Three (internet provider) to ask why this was at around the same time they had just launched 4G so I thought maybe this was covering the costs even though mine is still only 3G, this so called friend in February asked me to start communicating with him on Skype this was tied in with a few little things that don't add up lead me to think it as definitely got to be him, going back to my contact with three who turned out to be extremely unhelpful by telling me she had advised me to put I practise this tips being remove my dongle from the laptop when not in use etc things I was already doing I tried explaining that I had been using them for over two years and was doing nothing different how cud it possibly go frm 25 a month to 25 a week, it wasn't like I was downloading films, I just mainly browse and go n fb, the lady told me there were huge chunks of data being used and I know this friend and his friends (he ALLOWS them into his home and they all down load porn) at the time I thought nothing of it, but odd things like when playing games on facebook our net would lose signal or it would be slow both of us the same time, on my phone my Skype name as come up on my list of callers yet its his mobile number. I am confronting him myself at 10am this morning, I just dnt want to wade in if this wouldn't be possible, apprantely his brother I a computer whizz kid. with three being so unhelpful im deciding to cnfrnt him first, is this wise and do u think what im saying coud be right and I were right any advice on how I can get him prosecuted would be helpful, if u cannt answer before 10am I wll leave it , thanking u so much in advance for any help, it will be much appreciated, Jean Bade
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Have you reported this to the Police yet Jean?
Ash and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
did I just pay £47 to be told have I reported to the police because I cannot see anything else except asking gor another £36 when we are meant to get a follow up question free
Do you have a contact number I can call you on?