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My wife was involved in a R.T.C. the result of same was multiple

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My wife was involved in a R.T.C. the result of same was multiple chest injuries {Broken Sternum, cracked & broken ribs, which are now complicated to the extent that the injuries are part responsible for the fact that she is obliged to wear an oxygen mask 24/7.
The insurance company has made a derisory offer of £7K. there are additional long term injuries, however, these are irrelevant to my question which is a point of law, and nothing to do with matters pecuniary. My solicitor is on maternity leave, and we have been left to the tender mercies of her secretary who appears to be lacking in matters of communication.
The offer made by the insurance company bear no realistic compensation for the agonies she endured whilst spending two spells of two and five weeks in hospital. There was also a very long and painful the hospital do not even have the medical reports from the hospital, likewise the orthopaedic report requested by the solicitor, have not even been commenced, let alone completed.
My main concern is if we reject the offer - as so advised by her solicitor, as you will be well aware that the initial offer of £7,000.00. will risk jeopardy if the judge undercuts the original offer, and we have no insurance to cover this event. Personally, I feel the risk is slim, but strange things are not confined to happening at sea. Que pensa?
Should I mention that I was the driver? How will this reflect if at all?
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Did you ever say before you were the driver? Did she say she was a passenger?
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