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How can I stop Sky contacting me I have tried registered mail,

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How can I stop Sky contacting me I have tried registered mail, emails, phone calls etc ?
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
-Could you explain your situation a little more?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hopefully this copy letter I sent to Sky will explain

Ms Denise Allan Director of Change, Quality and Billing

Sky Subscribers Services Limited

PO Box 43


West Lothian

EH54 7DD


Registered Mail

Attention: Denise Allan, Director of Change, Quality and Billing

Wednesday 22nd July 2015

Dear Denise

Account Number: 630185307703

Thank you for your letter dated 19th July 2015, the contents of which is totally inaccurate.

I contacted Sky to arrange to move my phone number to my new address, I was told that Sky can't do this. I find this strange given that all other suppliers can. However, given this situation you left me no choice to changing my phone line supplier as it was essential that I keep my telephone number.

This was the primary reason that I cancelled my Sky account although I was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the service provided and no longer felt it was value for money.

As you know Sky does not allow its customers to contact by email as you specifically exclude an email address from your website, emails and letter heads, forcing customers to telephone you when you keep then on hold for extended periods of time. When your staff eventually take the call you use hard sale tactics to virtually force customers to keep their account open, even threatening them with big cancellation charges. A very threatening and unpleasant experience for your customers.

Having tried to contact you by email and finding out that this was impossible I tried to call Sky on several occasions, I was kept hanging on for an unacceptable period of time, the phone was never answered. I looked on the Internet where numerous people had complained of the same problem several saying that Sky had kept them on the phone for more than an hour. Consequently I sent a letter by registered mail cancelling my account. I also advised you via customer complaints.

I cancelled my standing order to Sky at the same time. I was then contacted by Sky to say if I did not immediately reinstate the S/O that you would cut my Internet off knowing that this would mean that I would have no telephone, Internet or Sky despite the fact that this was still inside the notice period, giving me no choice but to reinstate the S/O for the short notice period remaining.

You then hassled me with phone calls some late in the evening, SMS which can't be replied to, emails which can't be replied to and letters.

Despite this you have taken an unjustifiable amount out of my bank account and continue to send be messages saying that you are still billing me.

The letter I am currently responding to talks as if I still have a Sky account completely ignoring all previous communication.

Sky actions and methods are clearly designed to harass and force your customers to keep their Sky accounts open or face a barrage of telephone calls, SMS, emails, letters and false financial claims whilst totally ignoring your customers rights and wishes, it is deplorable.

Please confirm that my account is closed and that there is no outstanding balance.

Alternatively, if you think you have a claim against me please send a detailed explanation with full support documentation in writing to prove your claim within 7 working days of the above date.

Do not contact me by any other means i.e. do not phone, SMS or email me. If you ignore this clear instruction I will contact a number of consumer programs with regard to this matter without further reference to you.

Yours sincerely

Bernard Collins

So, in short, you have cancelled a contract with sky.
Were you in the middle of a contract period?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

the contract had ended

Yes, but was there a roll over into a new contract?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

May be if so they have never specifically mentioned it. In any event they were unable to move the same service to my new address

You need to get to the bottom of that which should be a simple matter of calling them.
The fact that you may well have told them that you want to cancel doesn't mean a contract doesn't exist. In fact, it almost certainly does.
If you have rolled over into a new contract then you cannot cancel until the contract ends. You obviously don't have to use their service but you are liable to pay.
If they could not supply to your new premises then that doesn't necessarily mean you can escape. They were supplying to your old premises and they do not have any control over the fact that you may have moved mid contract. There is probably a clause in your contract covering that but you need to ascertain what it says. Usually they allow cancellation in the event of a move to a location that cannot be covered but notice has to be given.
In terms of your primary question, there is not way of preventing them contacting you. You can obviously sign up to TPS but that will not do anything about companies with whom you are in contract.
It is very unlikely they will sue for any monies they say are owed. What they may do is add a default to your credit account. Whether that is an issue really depends on whether you with to borrow money in the next six years. If you do not then it matters not really.
Can I clarify anything for you?
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