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My partner was/is serving an IPP sentence. He was released

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My partner was/is serving an IPP sentence. He was released last July but committed a traffic offence on February which he had to go to court for. His probation officer found out and said regardless of new offence he was recalling him to prison because he didnt tell him about it. He was returned in march and has had a oarole hearing 15th July. On Friday his probation guy rang me at 4pm to say the decision was in, to re-release him but that there wasnt a date on it. He seemed confused himself and said he woukd ring the caseworker to find out why it wasnt dated but because of the time no one got back to him so we dont know what is going on. He has been told that as soon as the parole boatd issue the decision to release the prison have to do it immediately but has also heard a recent story about an inmate who had parole decision which had no date on and served an extra 5 months because the prison said as there wasnt a date they couldnt let him go! Do you know the process?
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
I'm not sure what your question is.
The prison won't release him until the Parole Board clarify.
I imagine that this is either an error on the part of the parole board that they will have to correct or they have made it conditional upon something although that is very unlikely.
Part of the problem is that IPPs are not longer lawful and so nobody really knows how they should be resolved correctly and errors like this are common.
Can I clarify anything for you?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thakyou for the quick reply.
I suppose my question is about the process for release once the parole decision is with the prison.
In the oral hearing one of the panel members mentioned about a hostel but his offender manager said it wasnt necessary and that he wanted it removed from his license (when he i itially got released it was to a hostel).
Is it likely the parole board would go against the offender managers request and insist on a hostel... Hense putting no date on it? I did ask him on friday about the hostel as was worried about it and he said no, they hadnt listed it as a condition so im hoping not!
They could have done that. A hostel is a possibility. That would explain the absence of a date.
Conditional releases do tend to rest upon accommodation.
Alternatively they just neglected to put a date upon it.
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