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My wife and I lost our baby 4 weeks ago and subsequently she

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My wife and I lost our baby 4 weeks ago and subsequently she has been suffering with depression and has stopped taking her medication. As a result we had an argument on Monday in which she became increasingly irate and called 999. I was arrested as she said that I pushed her head but their was no other physical violence. The Police officer explained that it was procedure that I has to be take to custody. The CPS did not press charges however I was served with a DVPN in which I need to attend Chester Magistrates Courts tomorrow morning. I feel very upset with the whole situation as I have not been able to see my other 3 children for 48 hours of which I have been told they can extend this period. My wife said in her statement that she did not want to press charges or go to Court and was very distressed when the Police officers took me back to collect some belongings. Could you please advise me on what to expect at tomorrows hearing and if i need to take Legal representation as we have just relocated back to the country and am new to the area? Thank you
Hello, I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to answer this for you.
Rahter than explain about DVPNs Ifollwo this link to an excellent web page by sussex police on this sibject.
Please ignore the word "offender" what they mean is suspect.
There will be a hearing at court about whether to grant a DVPO, that is a temporary court order in similar terms to the DVPN for between 14 and 28 days.
You should attend court to resist this. I would strongly suggest that yo attend court to oppose the order. Your wife has very likely been told by the police about this hearing and if she attends (not persuaded by you of course) and makes it clear she doesn't want the order that will help.
I would also strongly recommend instructing a solicitor to represent you at court.
These are not proceedings that will lead to a criminal conviction.
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