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Hwat do i do when my sister gives me verbal abuse on the p

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hwat do i do when my sister gives me verbal abuse on the phone
What kind of abuse? Do you want to take legal action?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Its like a set piece, which she throws at me every noe and again over the years which seems to happen when i ask her a small but from my pont of view important favour, usually to send a car when ther hasbeen an important birthday for someone in the family, I think its a load of codswallop but i don't tell her tht a s i did one and i ended up nearly round the twist after talking with her.

Your simple option is not to call each other or put the phone down. From a legal point of view if someone is being abusive to you over the telephone they could be committing a criminal offence under the Communication Act 2003. However, it sounds to me like this is a situation where you probably should just avoid having these conversations by telephone rather than taking any form of legal action.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I found your advice helpful. There is another problem with the situation my mother in law insists in asking me how she is every now and again and i feel obliged to call her but i get more abuse about being nosey so if i don't call my mother in law thinks i'm being nasty to her and my sister thinks i'm being nosey. Also when i visit relatives a distance away very very occasionally they always ask how she is as well and when did i last see her but of course we really don't communicate very well at all. and now this year my sister is insisting i tell her when my sister in law is home in britain as she received a christmas card from her asking to meet up with my sister when she is next in London. I am afraid i don't understand all this at all. I am very unhappy with all this. I don't want to keep up with my husbands sister unless he asks tht we go out. We have never had much communication as she lives in Australia and i had never met her children until they came home "grown up" a few years ago and now they are visiting us in their separate families all over the year. so this year i have had no visits from anyone but his sister and her children visit at least 3 times through the year andi have to cook Christmas dinner if they are at christmas too for them and their grandmother {my mother in law}. I think i've been set up.

I can understand your frustration and can see the difficulties you face but these are personal/family issues that I cannot help you with. I don't think anybody outside your family is going to be able to advise you on how to deal with these issues. I'm sorry I cannot be more helpful but this is not really an issue for a Solicitor.