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I have a possible case of medical negligence a report has been

Customer Question

i have a possible case of medical negligence a report has been sent to a consultant to my shock he is totally disinterested can't even find bits of broken bone in my hand which all the other doctors hear have sighted neither does he give me a reason why he has ignored all my injuries which are causing me pain he went so far as to say it did not make a difference in my case that my plaster had been sawn in two for over a month of the initial healing phase I feel his decision was flawed he has refused to have an oral consultation
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jenny replied 2 years ago.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I am happy to help you today.
Are you saying that you saw this doctor first and subsequent doctors have identified the problem?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

no i have had 3 MRI scans and several ultra sounds all reporting a broken ulnar styloid bone with fragments of bone beside it The last MRI scan actually reported presence of small metal artefact in my hand The scans have also reported a damaged TFC and a deformed ulnar joint due to the fall The trauma of the fall also resulted in a growth(a biopsy was sent over to Birmingham for analysis ) which was strangulating my tendons The consultant who operated said I needed a MRI scan prior to surgery but there was no time so I privately paid for a MRI scan which she admitted to me she never looked at prior to surgery My solicitor has sent all my scans scan results hospital notes over to England for a professional opinion to see if i have a case for medical negligence and the consultant has replied he can't see any bone particles in my hand even though it has been repotted in writing over here Further to that I fractured my wrist on5th May 2011 and a proper cast was not put on to the 14th of June 2011 and the hand export says this would have had no consequence on the end result !! After my surgery on my wrist my hand is permanently swollen and when I use my hand at all the swelling increases with intense pain and a clicking sound in my wrist Again the expert hand consultant in England can find no fault with my surgeon who performed sugary She diagnosed me as suffering from carpal tunnel symptom when I had had 3 previous nerve conductivity tests clearly indicating i only had minor carpal tunnel symptoms In 1996 I had 2 veretebrea fused in my neck due to disc prolapses after surgery I complained of pain and difficulty to walk I was told my condition was totally inorganic and advised to see a physciartrist which I did to placate them All the time all the discs in my neck had collapsed and subsequently I have had to have 3 major spinal surgeries in Nottingham to prevent paralysis from the neck down I have two titanium cage in situ in my neck and parts of my spinal cord are wrapped up in plastic to prevent the growth of ossification which would ultimately paralyse me My walking is not good hence the reason I fell and in order to aide my walking I have a baclofen pump on situ in my stomach pumping Baclofen directly into my spinal canal All in all I feel I have been given a raw deal over here I was given no compensation for the mess they made of my neck and then when i fekk and fractured my radius bone I again was given sub standard care and I find it very hard to believe tat the orthopaedic Dpt are not critiqued in any way by the hand specialist paid handsomely to give his professional opinion for a legal case After all the mistakes the Dpt made stating I only suffered from a small fracture in my distal radius when in actual fact I had a major avulsion injury to my ulnar joint a broken uinar styloid bone fragments of which are still in situ (according to 3 MRI scans and ultra scans) a growth in my wrist caused by the trauma of the fall strangulating my tendons deformation of my hand as a direct result of the surgery metal artefact in my hand I am totally disillusioned with the legal process what to I advice my solicitor to do I really don't think I have been given a fair crack of the whip so to speak Incidentally although i reported to the staff on duty that I had chronic spinal problems nobody checked the a status of my c-spine after the fall a subsequent MRI sowed I had accelerated damage to my T1 disc for which i had to endure 9 hours revisional surgery Please can you give me some advice I really feel i have been messed about here and I am so depressed about the injustice piled on me please reinstate my faith in the law

Expert:  Jenny replied 2 years ago.
Please bear with me while I prepare a response.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

please can i have my money back this is unfair