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There, I have an auction house telling me that I am in

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Hi there,
I have an auction house telling me that I am in breach of contract as I am about to sell my house to somebody who I knew was interested in it before it went to market. I withdrew the property within 14 days cooling off period as it states I have the right to do this. They are saying if I sell to this person it was as a result of an introduction from them which is not the case as I can prove we knew and discussed things before hand. Please advise where I stand with this if you can. Regards. Lee
Hello, I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to help you with this.
Assuming that what you tell me is correct and that the 14 day cooling off period entitled you to withdraw then there is no problem with that.
There will be a clause about introductions made etc. and this will be defined. The clause may say the sale must go through them or you must pay them a fee if you sell to someone introduced by them ( as defined in the contract -eg through advertising). However, if you can prove that this person knew about the property in advance and was interested in buying independently of the auction house then you may well be OK to sell and then tell them to sue you if they want their fee.
They can not stop you selling but can pursue you for money after the sale.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi There,
Many thanks for coming back to me. All I have said is true and I can prove that the person who is buying the house knew about it before it went to market and they are prepared to confirm that. There is a clause as you mentioned but as stated I can prove they did not introduce the customer to me as I already knew them. Regards