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My PPI people have sent to me a letter saying the FOS have

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My PPI people have sent to me a letter saying the FOS have turned down my claim. It has been a year now and I have sent countless letter to Santander and they always came up with the same answers without variation. I am owed 90.09 apparently but my people say it is not enough to take on (not worth their time) I am an ex Insurance Broker of many years standing and I know my PPI was mis-sold. One reason is they did not tell me I had it - did not tell me. They said I could have cancelled. How can I cancel something I was not aware I had? I signed for a card! I had four young children. The other reason is I was off work and tried to claim and they said I could not make a claim. What do I do with people like this who have taken a year plus to come up with an answer and always say the very same well rehearsed words. Please help! The £90.09 is mine for being mis-sold! Thank You.
If the FOS has turned down your claim, your only option now is to sue Santander in the County Court. The problem is that to recover £90 you will have to spend at least £30 for the court fee and deal with the paperwork that a claim will generate. So, in short, if you wish to pursue this matter you will have to start a County Court claim and, of course, need to be aware that Santander will undoubtedly defend the claim through their solicitors. I appreciate this is not the answer you are looking for but I havea duty to give you an honest and objective opinion of the situation.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Why does it cost £38 to tell me that! I am sure you are a clever solicitor. My daughter is - but deals with Criminal Law. Why should Santander win when they were actually wrong - how/why are they getting away with this through not being fair & just!

Thank You!