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The below excerpt is a text conversation that I had with my

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The below excerpt is a text conversation that I had with my ex-partners new boyfriend. In this message, he states he knew I had a police caution and implies he knows because he has friends in the police. Now technically, my ex-partner knows about that
police caution so she may have told him but the message he sent implies it was the police that told him. Would the police have told him about this if he asked them without breaking any laws? As the comment he made, concerns me - Is there anything I can do
to request which police officer told him this? Or would it all simply be put down to "Just because he said the police told him - doesn't mean anything and holds nothing against him - No threats/laws have been broken/made and therefor it can only be put down
to be ignored" Transcript: Them: I've been doing some background checks on you and you have a police caution for assaulting a woman. I know a LOT about you and your background Me: I wonder how you know that. Them: I've got friends in the police Me: So the
police have told you i have a police caution? What else are you going to throw at me in court? Them: Wait and see. I wouldn't want to be you in court
No, the police won't have told him.
What will have happened is that his charming girlfriend will have incited him to do this and told him about the caution essentially because she wants to cause trouble and hasn't got the courage to do it herself. He is mad to get involved in this as in six months she will be doing it to him.
If you stop responding and he carries on then you might be able to get the police to give him a harassment warning but I would look beyond him to the real culprit.
I have been in criminal law for a very long time and there are very few male disputes that do not come into being as a result of the incitement of a lady. The exception is something like drugs. There are some pub fights that take place over drugs. Mostly though it arises because men feel an obligation to defend the honour of a young lady who is using them to get revenge.
Please don't worry. You are best out of this. Find yourself a normal girlfriend who doesn't abuse. Quite frankly, you are better off getting yourself a dog for company than having a relationship with somebody like this!
Can I clarify anything for you?
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