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Not sure who to turn to for advice about this but after a series of bad decisions I have made over this past year I am confident that I am probably going to be (if not already) subject of a investigation for fraud. Im not sure what I should do, having done as much research online as I can do, there seems t be little advice on me reporting the offences prior to being knowingly investigated, questioned or even charged.
I am 3 months in arrears on my mortgage which was taken out by myself last September (of 2014) . The mortgage included with falsified information and details. Up until a few months ago the repayments were being maintained and up to date.
I am aware that the mortgage lender did discover that the application was fraudulent earlier this year I made a number of Subject Access Requests including Nation Hunter and CIFAS which they had reported this to once the advance had been made and the mortgage completed. The mortgage lender has never approached me about this and I wouldn't have been aware of this report had I not made the SAR.
Also around summer time of last year I applied and successfully took out a number of credit cards and loans in both my own name and a relatives name. They are in fact aware of that some credit cards were applied for in their name due to the fact that some of the credit card providers were suspicious and made contact with them. Most of these have now been suspended with the allowance to continue making monthly minimum payments against the balances.
There are also a few unsecured personal loans that were taken out this last year which again until a few months ago re-payments were being maintained.
In recent months the situation has become extremely concerning and have fund myself needing to take out the additional loans in order to make repayments on the different lines of credit. I am now unable to continue down this path and do believe need to comenforard about this situation.
I need advise on how I would need to go about doing this. I doesn't seem like it is a matter for me going into a police station but there seems to be no advice on how to come forward regarding these kind of offences for the people that commit them.
I suppose generally people wait until they are being approached or investigated until they consider admitting their actions.
Is that recommended or is there any way to deal with this sooner? I am also unsure about what area of Law this would be categorised in. Obviously it is financial crime but from what I have read is that it may also fall under a more serious category with the amount of money being relatively large.
Any advise would be very much appreciated.
Thank You
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 2 years ago.
Thank you. I would not do anything at this stage. If it is not reported to the Police, you dont want to hand yourself in and get convicted unnecessarily.
If you go to the Police and admit it, you are likely to be sentenced to custody. Therefore at this stage I would just keep paying the debts off and clear them as soon as possible.
If you go to the Police you will be convicted.
Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?